Betting ‘Degenerate’ Dana White Reveals He Lost $1 Million On 2007 Boxing Match


If it wasn’t known already, UFC president Dana White is a very rich man.

After all, he has been on camera spending tens of thousands on Japanese swords while he also loves a good bet, whether it’s with friends or colleagues, in the casino, or sports in general.

“I play table games too much,” White told ESPN Sports Betting in a recent interview. “I’m a degenerate if you’re not getting it. I’m a degenerate, yes. I love to gamble.”

Of course, White can afford to be a degenerate when he’s the president of an organization that was sold for $4.2 billion back in 2016.

But he was betting big long before that as well.

White Lost $1 Million On Taylor vs. Pavlik Fight

When asked what bet he made in the past that still bothers him, the UFC head honcho revealed he lost $1 million on the Jermain Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik fight in 2007.

Taylor — who was undefeated at the time — was the WBC and WBO middleweight champion at the time and was a big favorite over fellow undefeated boxer Pavlik.

However, Pavlik ended up coming out on top with a seventh-round TKO win.

“Oh my God, what was the kid’s name? Jermain Taylor,” White said. “And who did he fight? I should know this for the ass-whooping I took. He fought the tall, lanky, white kid from Ohio — Kelly Pavlik.

“I bet $1 million on Taylor and he got destroyed. It was the first time I had ever bet $1 million dollars because I was so confident that Taylor was going to win that fight.”

Meanwhile, many top-ranked contenders in the UFC, let alone unranked fighters are still complaining about not getting the pay they deserve.

Date: February 18, 2021

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