Brian Ortega Tells The Korean Zombie To Quit Stalling, Zombie Responds


It’s fair to say Brian Ortega is getting frustrated with how long it’s taking for a fight with the Korean Zombie to get signed off on.

Ortega hasn’t competed since December 2018 and was expected to return against the Korean Zombie at UFC Busan last December until an injury forced the former to pull out.

Now healthy, “T-City” has been expected to face Zombie for a while with UFC president Dana White recently revealing that was what was next for both competitors.

However, there appears to be no fresh update with Ortega taking to social media to accuse Zombie of refusing to sign a contract.

“Someone tell Korean zombie sign the contract. You been asked multiple times already. Give the fans what they want to see and quit stalling.”

Zombie Calls For Ortega To ‘Come To Korea’

Zombie has since responded, revealing that he is unable to enter the United States as of now.

However, if Ortega is desperate to fight, Zombie welcomed him to South Korea for a fight as early as next month.

“I am sure you are aware why I can’t go to the states at this time. If you would come to Korea , I am ready even in July. Otherwise, stay calm waiting for me. #seeyousoon ?”

Hopefully, the fight gets made soon as it’s guaranteed to be a barnburner.


Date: June 29, 2020

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