Bruce Buffer Reacts to UFC 258 Tribute Dedicated to his Legendary Career


UFC 258 did not only serve as a solidifying marker of UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman’s career. An underlying story of the event paid tribute to ring announcer Bruce Buffer, who celebrated 25 years working with the UFC.

Bruce Buffer is the long-time voice of the UFC and a mainstay in MMA. For the biggest cards in the history of the sport, Buffer was present with his trademark voice. The loud suits, one-liners, and fist bumps to fighters have all become synonymous with the position of announcing for the UFC over the last 25 years. But, how will the company look when Buffer decides to call it quits? Luckily, that’s a thought for another day because Buffer believes he will be announcing fights for at least another decade.

Buffer on UFC Tribute

UFC 258 saw an unexpected tribute to Buffer for his contributions of supplying the UFC with his signature voice over the years. After the show was over, Bruce spoke about the tribute and how much he loves his job.

“You know how passionate I am to be the voice of the octagon, working for Dana (White) and all the powers that be in the UFC – I love it. I wish I had another 25 years, who knows, because I’m ready to rock and roll for 25 more.”

“I can’t even imagine 25. It’s just gone by so fast. I want to thank the UFC for the beautiful tribute tonight. I did not expect that. It caught me like a side shot to the head. It was so beautiful,” said Buffer.

“Back in 1996 when I got involved with the UFC, I realized this was going to be the biggest thing in fighting sports. I realized it was probably going to be the biggest thing in sports. And when you stick with something, when I set a goal, I stick with it to the end. I’m a loyal soldier.

“I’ve wanted to do everything I could, way beyond being the face of the octagon announcer to the UFC, because I love the organization. I love the sport. I love announcing these female and male warriors, the greatest fighters in the world. (They are) some of the best people I’ve ever met. The friends I’ve made, the relationships with media, fighters, the people I work with, I love this. This is awesome.”

Remaining a Mainstay

For fans of the sport, it’s comforting to know that change isn’t yet on the horizon. ManyMMA enthusiasts are still getting over the fact that the iconic voice of Mike Goldberg is no longer with the promotion. Sometimes, change can be good. However, Buffer plans to make sure that his strong voice graces the octagon for years to come.

It’s nice that the UFC honored him for it.

Date: February 16, 2021

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