Cody Garbrandt Claps Back At Sean O’Malley For Dissing His Knockout


UFC 250 was a showcase for the Bantamweight division, but Cody Garbrandt and Sean O’Malley scored two of the best knockouts in the division’s history. As for who had the better shot, well it seems there is some disagreement about this.

It seemed like O’Malley had the knockout of the night in the bag, when he landed a picture perfect straight right hand to separate Eddie Wineland from his consciousness. However, not to be outdone, Garbrandt decided to harness the frustration of three straight losses into one enormous punch, faceplanting Raphael Assuncao at the last second of the second round. Both of these were incredible knockouts, and worthy of a ton of praise.

But the real question is which one was better? This was the question that was posited by the UFC Twitter page, which prompted Suga’ Sean to speak up and defend his knockout. All the while, throwing some shade to Cody.

“His looked like something you’d see in a bar fight, mine was clean pure technique.”

Cody Garbrandt caught wind of these feelings that O’Malley expressed. When he was asked about it by TMZ, saying he disagreed is an understatement.

“Mine was way better, way (more) vicious. My dude couldn’t get up,” Garbrandt said. “I knew that as soon as I started that punch, the trajectory of where it was going, the force and the speed, it was going to connect and knock him out. It was a picture-perfect punch and just a nice walk off.

“(Assuncao is) leap years ahead of any adversary (O’Malley) has ever fought.

“Hats off to him. He did good, went out there and performed, got a knockout victory … but you can’t compare when you’re fighting the Top 5 in the world.”

“[O’Malley has] never fought anybody in the Top 15, so that’s a huge difference when you’re able to starch people like that at each level.”

Did you think Cody Garbrandt or Sean O’Malley had a better knockout?


Date: June 10, 2020

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