Conor McGregor Smokes a Fat Joint in Response to Legendary Footballer Sergio Ramos


Conor McGregor’s words of retirement from mixed martial arts are still ringing to be true. It’s been a little over a month since McGregor announced his retirement from the sport. While many people chose not to believe Conor, the news was confirmed by both UFC President Dana White and his head coach John Kavanagh. Since the announcement, Conor has been relatively quiet, yet seemingly enjoying his departure from the sport to the fullest. However, the last time McGregor was spotted, he seemed to be enjoying a gigantic joint on Instagram live.

Post-Retirement Vibes

Fans of the sport are aware that the retirement announcement from Conor isn’t his first. And usually, when he decides to walk away from the sport, it’s due to frustrations. Most recently, McGregor took to social media to announce his retirement once again. This time, it was right after Amanda Nunes became the first UFC double champion to successfully defend two titles in two different divisions.

McGregor recently took to social media to respond to a tagged post from legendary Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos. In the video, Ramos is practicing on the pitch with his Real Madrid teammates. After scoring a goal, Ramos walks away from the box doing Conor’s famous strut. Then, he tagged McGregor in the post asking Conor if he approved the charismatic walk.

Conor McGregor Smokes a Joint in Response to Sergio Ramos

In response, Conor can be seen enjoying the finer things in life, including a joint that may or may not be marijuana. And, while he didn’t say much, fans took to social media to voice how they feel about Conor’s “weediquette.”

Future Business Endeavors

Fans in the comments roasted McGregor for seemingly not appearing to know how to inhale the weed. Furthermore, it seemed like he had some problems lighting it as well. However, there was a big group of fans that also are hoping to get a McGregor weed strain.

Maybe Proper No. 12 will expand its brand into the marijuana world. For now, let McGregor elementarily enjoy his joint in peace.


Date: July 20, 2020

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