Cory Sandhagen: TJ Dillashaw Doesn’t Want To Fight Me Because ‘I Did Well Against Him In The Gym’


Over the weekend, Cory Sandhagen had one of the best knockouts you will ever see, over Frankie Edgar. While this puts him in prime position for a big fight next, he does not seem to think that opponent will be TJ Dillashaw.

Heading into his fight at UFC Vegas 18, Sandhagen knew he had a lot riding on this contest. If he could secure a second straight victory, he would be setting himself up as the potential next contender for the title.

To say he delivered would be an absolutely massive understatement. In less than thirty seconds, the Sandman had thrown a flying knee directly to the face of the former lightweight champ, knocking him completely unconscious.

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Cory Sandhagen Reacts To Viral KO

With this epic highlight reel knockout, Cory Sandhagen did something that nobody has ever done to Frankie Edgar. However it was clear after the fact, that he was a bit troubled by what he did to the legendary fighter.

He opened up about this while speaking in a recent interview. Here he accepted how impressive it was for him to the spectacular knockout, but that he hated having to do that to someone he respects so highly.

“I’m still feeling it, for sure. I had never knocked anyone out like that before, so that was really exciting for me,” Sandhagen explained.

“Then again, you can kind of see after the fight when they are raising my hand, I was pretty mixed up, just watching that happening to Frankie. I know I’ve had close friends and stuff that have been knocked out really bad like that.

“So it kind of sucked to see, but all the respect to Frankie. It was all my honor to fight him.

“I think it’s really cool that he’s been around for so long and that he’s still kicking, and he has a lot of fight in him, and he has a lot of balls to still be doing what he’s doing because I think a lot of guys would’ve quit a long time ago, being his age.”

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TJ Dillashaw Is Scared To Fight

Now that Cory Sandhagen is on a two fight winning streak, he is primed for a shot at the title. Another person being discussed as a possible contender is the returning former champ TJ Dillashaw.

Cory says that he was trying to fight TJ instead of Frankie, but that did not come together. He says that this is because Dillashaw is looking for an immediate title shot upon his return.

“I called out TJ and Frankie. I would have preferred to fight TJ,” Sandhagen said.

“I can’t really think of any reason in my head why it wasn’t TJ that was in that cage with me instead of Frankie, other than TJ’s just trying to get an easy shot at the title because he’s a big name and he’s this famous dude.”

Cory has made it clear that he does not think TJ should fight for the title, but he knows that it is a possibility. That being said, he is more worried about the idea that TJ will get the shot, win the belt, and refuse to fight him.

“The guy was supposed to be back (from his USADA suspension) in January. The time would’ve been perfect for us to fight and he didn’t, so I don’t know what that’s about,” Sandhagen explained.

“I don’t think he wants the fight. I’m worried that TJ’s going to fight for the belt before me, and still not want the fight, and then me be kind of stuck in this limbo thing, because TJ’s just a bigger name and maybe he just gets to call the shots a little more.”

As for why Dillashaw does not want the fight, Cory says that it is because of the way things went for them in training. He claims that he got the better of the former champ while they were sparring, and that is why he is hesitant.

“I did well against TJ in the gym when we used to train together, and I think that’s another reason that he doesn’t want to take the fight,” Sandhagen.

“I don’t even think TJ should even be in the conversation right now, especially off of his history. He was doing some of the most serious steroids that you can do in this sport.

“He was giving himself an unfair advantage in combat sports, which is just disrespectful to everyone in the division and the sport. I don’t want to see him come back and just get a title shot. To me, that’s not cool.”

What did you think of Cory Sandhagen’s knockout over Frankie Edgar? Do you think he should get the next title shot at bantamweight?

Date: February 10, 2021

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