Dana White ROASTS Scott Coker’s Belief that Bellator Has Better Light Heavyweight Roster


Strangely enough, UFC President Dana White has a cult-like following on the internet. Fans of Dana tend to enjoy his style of promoting the UFC and its fighters. Primarily, Dana likes to take any chance he can to throw jabs at other promoters, whether is boxing or MMA. White truly believes that the UFC is home to the world’s biggest and baddest MMA promotion. As well as the best MMA fighters in the world. So, when Bellator President Scott Coker said that he has a better light heavyweight division, White responded in classic Dana fashion.

Scott Coker Speaks on Bellator 205lb Roster

Earlier in the week, Ryan Bader spoke about the state of the light heavyweight division. He mentioned that since Jon Jones vacated the UFC’s 205lb title, that it opened up the chance of Bellator having the greatest light heavyweight fighter on the planet. For Bellator President Scott Coker, he doubled down on that notion and believes that Bellator has a better light heavyweight division than the UFC.

Dana White on Scott Coker Comments

Of course, media members huddled to ask Dana his thoughts on Coker’s comments. And, immediately after ripping Oscar De La Hoya, Scott Coker became the next victim of Dana’s wrath.

“Guys, everybody they have in their light heavyweight division we let go of,” said Dana.

“He’s got the best light heavyweight division? We let those guys all go. It’s like the (expletive) dumbest thing I’ve heard, but I get it. He’s got to (expletive) do his thing. I’m not (expletive) on him. He’s got to try to do his thing. He’s got to try to sell fights. The way you don’t sell fights is, ‘I’ve got the best light heavyweight division in the world.’ Everybody that was there was let go from here.”

A Meshing of Worlds

Looks like Dana is 2-0 in a matter of minutes against both Scott Coker and Oscar De La Hoya. Which, is the exact kind of content that his loyalists like to see. As far as fans who are hopeful of a UFC x Bellator collaborative event, think again. Not as long as Dana believes that the two organizations are not on the same elite level.


Date: August 23, 2020

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