Daniel Cormier Plans to Repeatedly “Single Leg” Stipe Miocic in “Smaller” UFC Apex Octagon


The UFC Apex Center has benefitted the organization in a major way. Mostly because of the fighters facing their opponents in a smaller octagon. The 25-foot octagon has seemingly increased the number of finishes during fights happening on cards. UFC Heavyweight title contender Daniel Cormier is a veteran of the sport and plans on utilizing the smaller cage against Stipe Miocic by using his outstanding wrestling.

Smaller Cage of the UFC Apex Center

After some exchanges on Twitter, Cormier and Miocic will finally meet in a trilogy bout at UFC 252. The card is scheduled to take place on August 15th. Furthermore, it will apparently serve as the final bout of Cormier’s career. DC recently stated that he plans to fight Miocic the same that way UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes just fought Alexander Volkov.

Blaydes faced heavy scrutiny from the MMA community and UFC President Dana White for his performance against Volkov. So much so, that White suggested to Curtis that he should stay busy in the division. In other words, more than likely, Blaydes won’t be getting the next heavyweight title shot.

Cormier Speaks on Wrestling Stipe

For Cormier, he won’t be worried about a flashy performance. Nor will he be keeping his gameplan a secret. DC spoke with ESPN about the smaller cage and his gameplan against Stipe. Regardless of what fans think.

“I love fighting at the Apex. That old leg will be right in front of me to grab,” said DC.

“I’ll be like Curtis Blaydes. If you want to see a 25-minute standup fight, it’s not what you’re getting. I hope Stipe has his wrestling shoes because with the small cage. Single leg, single-leg, single-leg, single leg, wrestling. It is what it is. Sorry.”

Preparing for a Lack of Entertainment

On the contrary, Miocic is not a fan of the smaller cage. Which is has made clear on several occasions on his Twitch channel. However, now that fans know the style in which Cormier plans to fight Miocic, if the performance is lackluster, at least everyone will be prepared.


Date: June 24, 2020

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