Darren Till and Mike Perry Have Volatile Exchange About Their Sparring Sessions


Everybody’s favorite frenemies in MMA, Darren Till and Mike Perry, are back at it again. This time, they were seen on an Instagram Live session going back and forth about their training sessions together, and potentially squaring up in the Octagon.

There is nobody inside of MMA with the same type of love/hate relationship that Perry and Till have. At one point they seem like the best of buds, then at another point they seem like bitter rivals.

We have seen Darren trolling Mike in the best ways possible, even making a website to mock him. Then, when “Platinum” was looking to auction off a spot in his corner, the Englishman tried to jump on the opportunity.

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Darren Till and Mike Perry Trade Barbs

It seems like the relationship between Darren Till and Mike Perry is continuing to grow into one of the most entertaining in the sport. The pair had a recent exchange during an Instagram Live session, where their chemistry was fully on display.

As you can see in the video below (courtesy of RT Sport), the two discuss a variety of different topics, ranging from their sparring sessions to possibly fighting each other. Darren even suggests that they just throw down in the gym, full force, to see who is the better man.

While Mike was not interested in that, he did make some interesting revelations about his training. He told Till that for his last fight, he had no training other than running, and that moving forward he will be doing some work with Colby Covington at MMA Masters Gym.

“That’s all I did for my last camp, was I jut ran around Miami,” Perry said. All I did was jog, but I think fighting is not jogging, it’s more you’ve got to get the rounds in,” Perry told Till.

“I didn’t have bodies my last camp. I didn’t train with anybody. I didn’t spar, grapple or anything. I’ve got a team now… I haven’t gotten to train with (Colby Covington) yet, but he is over there at MMA Masters.”

Check out the video below:

The relationship between Darren Till and Mike Perry is one that will never get old. Even if the two end up fighting each other at some point, there is no doubt that they will go grab some beers after the fact, and hang out.

Date: February 15, 2021

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