Donald Cerrone Questions Diego Sanchez’s Status As A Legend, Warns Him ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’


Recently, it was announced that Diego Sanchez and Donald Cerrone would be facing off, in what is being billed as a fight between two legends of the sport. However “Cowboy” is not sure that Diego is deserving of that status.

Over the years, Cerrone has faced off against virtually everyone in the top of the ranks of both lightweight and welterweight. As the fact that he is 0-4 (1 NC) in his last five will tell you, he does not always win, but he always delivers action.

Now he is set to be taking on TUF 1 winner and former teammate, Diego Sanchez. This is confirmed to be the last fight that Diego will have in the UFC, and frankly, Cowboy is not too far behind that.

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Donald Cerrone Questions if Diego Sanchez is a Legend

The fight between Diego Sanchez and Donald Cerrone is being looked at as a clash of legends, which is understandable considering how long both men have been in the UFC. However Cowboy is not so sure this is the case.

Speaking in a recent video to his YouTube channel, Donald explained how much he was down for being Diego’s farewell fight. Yet with the way Diego acted when Cowboy left Jackson-Winklejohn gym, only to leave, himself a short while later, makes Cowboy a bit perturbed,

“Yeah, ’55 is what I want to do, then Diego Sanchez I guess went and showed up to the UFC, and begged and pleaded with them to make me his retirement fight. So they called me and they asked me, and I said sure,” Cerrone explained.

“He says it’s two legends going at it. I don’t think so. He talked a lot of s–t when I left Jackson’s, now he did the same thing and left. It’s funny.

“I was just doing what I had to do, build my own gym, trained my own people, started making this mold, which I thought was the right move to do in my career, and he had a lot to say about it.

“He said he wanted to fight me, here’s his chance. Yeah, this should be a fun, highlight reel fight for me.”

That being said, Cerrone is by no means looking past Sanchez. He knows that Diego has some areas where he is a real threat, but he feels that the current version of the Nightmare is not that scary anymore.

“I’m not overlooking the kid by no means, I mean there’s areas where he can be dangerous,” he said.

If I was fighting old Diego, ten years ago, yeah he was tough. Hard pace. I used to train with the guy, I know… He wants this to be his ride into the sunset and I have no problem giving it to him.”

Regardless of the personal feelings that Donald Cerrone has about Diego Sanchez, there is no denying that both man are absolute legends inside of MMA. It will be fun to watch these two face off against each other on May 8th.

Date: February 8, 2021

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