“Fight Circus” 2 on 1 Fight Delivers “Oddities” Promise on Cam Soda Streaming Service


What happens when you mix adult entertainment, freakshow oddities, and mixed martial arts together? Circus Fights, that’s what happens. Immediately after UFC Vegas 7, MMA fans were still in the mood to watch some fights. However, all that was available was a freak show called Fight Circus. The card featured inter-gender matches, a 2 on 1 bout, and of course, street fights. Plus, the card could only be viewed on “Cam Soda,” which is a webcam site dedicated to hosting those trying to make a few tokens to make ends meet.

Middle Easy Watches Fight Circus

Middle Easy was excited to get our hands on the card. After all, it’s the kind of content that’s right up our alley. The beauty of mixed martial arts coupled with the oddities of a circus makes for great content.

However, things turned south once fans realized that the show was being broadcasted on a website for cam girls. All throughout the night, random pop-ups would appear. As well as soda bubble noises from a relatively lascivious chat room. Which, by the way, couldn’t be muted. In fact, it was difficult to even make the event full screen.

2 on 1 Handicap Match

One of the highlights of the night was a 2 on 1 fight between a professional MMA fighter and 2 “Average Joe’s.” While intriguing at first, the fight quickly lost its magic. While many were expecting a fast pace and non-stop action, the men used their numbers advantage to trap the MMA fighter in the corner. Thus, wailing on him.

Fixing Fight Circus for the Future

There was one point where the professional fighter tapped to a rear-naked choke. But, the organization decided to immediately start a rematch, which he lost again. What a way to put two losses on a record in a matter of moments.

If Fight Circus wants to continue, they’ll definitely have to find a way to broadcast the fights without using Cam Soda. Or, the broadcast will turn flat, and fizzle out quicker than an old can of Coke.


Date: August 25, 2020

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