Jake Paul: ‘Old’ Floyd Mayweather Only Wants Exhibitions Because He Is Scared To Lose 50-0 Record


Jake Paul believes Floyd Mayweather has lost his marbles.

Paul is set to face former UFC welterweight Ben Askren in a professional boxing match on April 17. Mayweather, meanwhile, will take on Logan Paul in an exhibition match which was initially scheduled for February 28 but has since been postponed.

However, Mayweather is already looking past the older Paul as he recently made an Instagram post declaring his interest in facing the younger Paul soon after in another exhibition match.

Paul responded with a poem claiming he was only interested in a professional fight with Mayweather while adding some digs. “Money” hit back claiming that Paul’s only two professional fights were more or less exhibitions in addition to some digs of his own.

To that, Paul responded in a recent interview with TMZ.

“This guy’s out of his mind,” Paul said. “He just calls me out, out of nowhere. I mean, he hasn’t even fought my brother yet. It just seems like he’s losing his marbles, like what the f*ck is this guy doing?

“Let’s see what happens with him and my brother. We’ll see how that fight goes. I can totally see a Jake Paul vs. Floyd matchup a year from now. He is a lot harder of an opponent than [Conor] McGregor. McGregor is an MMA fighter, Floyd is one of the best boxers to ever live. But it doesn’t scare me — he’s smaller than me and he’s old, bro. That speed goes away, the power goes away, the endurance goes away.

“… It just came out of left field. Just seems like this guy is money hungry. It seems like he hasn’t paid his taxes or some sh*t and he just wants to fight everyone. He’s almost 50 years old and he’s calling out people half his age. Who knows what Floyd Mayweather is doing. Honestly, he’s just looking like a clown. The response he gave to me, it just doesn’t add up.”

Paul Only Wants Professional Fights

Paul is currently 2-0 as a professional and will look to go 3-0 when he faces Askren in a couple of months. Given that he’s taking the sport seriously, he still has no interest in an exhibition with Mayweather — only professional fights.

He even has a theory as to why Mayweather is only looking to do exhibitions now.

“I’m doing legit pro fights,” Paul added. “That’s my goal, that’s what I’m doing. I’m 2-0 with two KOs. If Floyd wants to do these exhibitions, cool, but I’m a real fighter and he has to take me seriously. I think the reason he wants to do these exhibitions is he’s afraid to risk his legacy of his 50-0 record in case he were to lose.

“But I’m not doing the exhibition sh*t. It doesn’t interest me. Those are fake, paddy cake fights.”

You can watch the full interview below:

Date: February 5, 2021

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