Jan Blachowicz Shares Money Story of Winning a Fan $50,000 for Knocking Out Luke Rockhold at UFC 239


Jan Blachowicz not only gains money for himself when he fights but also for the fans. According to Blachowicz, after he knocked out Luke Rockhold, he won a fan $50,000.

Blachowicz has a history of being the underdog when he steps into the octagon. Against Israel Adesanya, the story remains the same. Currently, betting lines are set at Adesanya-265. and Jan Blachowicz, +225.

Blachowicz on Winning a Fan Money at UFC 239

Recently, Jan spoke to the media about his upcoming matchup at UFC 259. During the conversation, he told a story of a fan who told him that he won a lot of money off of his fighting. Particularly against Luke Rockhold at UFC 239.

“I’m always the underdog and I always win the fight. It’s really nice. I’m happy. I could be the underdog every time. Maybe after this fight when I win this fight, I believe I will win this fight, maybe after this fight people will start believing in me, respect me and that’s it. But anyway, I don’t care about this,” Blachowicz said.

“A funny story, after I beat Rockhold, I was also an underdog there and one guy after the fight came to me and said, ‘Thank you, my friend, because thanks to you I’m a rich man right now,’ and I said what happened? He said thanks to me he won $50,000. So it’s nice to hear something like that after that. Maybe right after this fight, someone will win big money also.”

UFC 239

Rockhold was the first win of Jan’s current win streak that sent him on the path to the UFC light heavyweight title. During their fight, Blachowicz was once again an underdog at +220 with Rockhold at -260, even after coming off of a devastating KO loss against Yoel Romero in his previous encounter.

Will Blachowicz be able to defy the odds once again against Adesanya? If so, maybe a lucky fan will walk away with a pocket full of cash.

Date: February 17, 2021

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