Kamaru Usman on Conor McGregor: “I Offered Him a (Title) Shot… He Was Silent”


Conor McGregor has officially been retired from the sport of mixed martial arts for well over a few months how. However, it doesn’t stop active fighters from calling him out for a lucrative payday. Additionally, it gives time for fighters, fans, and media to reflect on Conor’s career and achievements. For UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, he believes that McGregor’s best bet on a potential return is to come back at lightweight. Furthermore, Kamaru believes that Conor isn’t ready to face a true welterweight.

Conor’s Retirement

As noted before, McGregor has retired from the game. But, fighter’s like Usman who have reached the pinnacle of the sport, would like to be compensated as such. A way to do that is to secure a fight with McGregor. Luckily for most elite fighters, Conor can cover a plethora of weight classes. So, champions of all sizes usually try their luck by calling him out.

Kamaru Usman on a Potential Bout Against Conor McGregor

However, with Usman, he believes that a fighter against Conor would be easy. In fact, he recently spoke to TMZ Sports about a potential fight against McGregor, and how the Irishman simply isn’t ready to face a true welterweight.

“That’s a lost conversation. That’s a lost cause,” said Usman in regards to potentially facing Conor. “We both know Conor gets up to the welterweight division if he’s able to pick and chose lightweights with double-digit losses that he can pick off and not have to cut weight to get down to lightweight. That’s the only time. If Conor wants a piece at welterweight, he knows who the king of the division is. I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here,” Usman said.

“I offered him a shot. I said, ‘Hey, if you want it, it’s yours, you got it,’ and he was silent. Days later Anderson Silva says, ‘Hey, let’s do it and he responded and said yeah.’ So it’s clear right there to know if Conor is willing to step up and take a fight like this or not but I think he’s a wise guy so I think he should stay retired.”

Making the Match

After all, Conor McGregor does love chasing titles and legacy. So, the idea of him coming back to face Usman isn’t completely farfetched. However, it truly seems like Conor is having the time of his life outside of the sport. With such a luxurious lifestyle and the cash flow to sustain it, it’s very possible that Usman’s bait would be wasted. However, if fight fans know anything, it’s to never doubt a Conor McGregor return, especially to face Kamaru for a title.


Date: July 20, 2020

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