Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson Share Heated Argument in the Middle of UFC 251 Broadcast


UFC 251 was full of entertainment and showcased 3 elite level title fights all on one card. UFC color commentator Michael Bisping was on the call and provided color commentary throughout the night. However, Bisping’s most colorful language came during commercial breaks when he would sneak onto social media. Between fights, Bisping had a Twitter match of his own against his former adversary Dan Henderson.

Bisping and Henderson Go At It on Twitter

Both Bisping and Henderson’s rivalry is well documented in the history of mixed martial arts. Even though both men are now retired, it didn’t stop them from continuing their feud. Take a look at everything that transpired between “The Count” and “Hendo” throughout the Fight Island broadcast.

The Twitter sparring match started when Henderson called out Bisping for poor commentary work. Ironically, it was also the anniversary of Henderson’s famous shot that permanently damaged Bisping’s eye. However, Bisping quickly rattled off a tweet of his own during the broadcast.

As expected, Bisping continued the trend of calling Henderson a cheater by using periods. Next, he completely roasted Hendo for never being able to win a UFC title. And just when fans thought the back and forth was over, Bisping tweeted again that Henderson is drunk and irrelevant in current times.

The triggering intensified when Hendo dropped a digital H-bomb on Bisping once again. Of course, like clockwork, Henderson made an eye joke and criticized Michael’s commentary work. While the fans seemed to be in favor of Henderson’s roasting, Bisping dropped one more bomb that sealed the nail in the coffin.

Setting Up a Trilogy

Not only did Bisping wreck Hendeson’s pockets, but he also wrecked his gym. Talk about brutal.

Fans of the sport provoked the back and forth as much as possible. Even far enough as to say that Bellator should set up a third match between both men.

Regardless of whatever happens, their feud is proof that not all beef ends a fight. Some rivalries never die.


Date: July 13, 2020

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