Paige Van Zant Bare Knuckle FC Debut Slated for November


Recently, it was announced that PVZ will be heading to Bare Knuckle FC, a place where Middle Easy rumored her to go. Many fans of the sport were skeptical about Paige’s journey. However, Van Zant’s boxing coach expects the transition to be smooth and nearly seamless. While many expected a long buildup, Van Zant is targeted to make her bare-knuckle FC debut in November.

Van Zant is a huge star and inked a multi-fight deal with the promotion earlier in the year. The announcement came as a shock to many MMA fans around the world. Especially those who thought that Van Zant would never embark on such a dangerous journey. However, Paige has made it clear that she would prepare and train so that when the time comes for her debut, she’ll be ready.

Van Zant to Debut in November

Originally, both Zan Vant and the promotion stayed relatively quiet about the timeframe of her debut. But now, BKFC president David Feldman has revealed that they’re looking to have Paige debut in November. That is, as long as she is healthy enough due to her recent COVID-19 scare.

“It should be the debut of Paige,” said Feldman to MMA Fighting. “I know she was sick recently, so we’re going to see if she’s going to be able to get back into training, or if we have to push it.”

Along with Feldman, Paige’s manager Malki Kawa also commented on her debut. Although she’s currently feeling under the weather, the plan is still a November debut.

“She’s doing better – she’s feeling way better,” Kawa said. “It looks like it’s going to be November.”

“Worst case scenario it will be December, but it’s really going to be more up to if the team feels she’s ready for the fight and picked up all the bare-knuckle boxing nuances, that she’s learned how to do all that and gets it. But November’s the time frame.”

Unknown Opponent

While the timeframe for Van Zant is clearing up, her opponent’s isn’t. Expect a name to be revealed within the next week or so as the buildup for her debut heats up.


Date: September 16, 2020

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