Paige Van Zant Signs Mutil-Fight Deal with Bare Knuckle FC


It’s official! Paige Van Zant will be continuing her mixed martial arts career with bare knuckles. Recently, it was announced that PVZ will be heading to Bare Knuckle FC, a place where Middle Easy rumored her to go. Paige Van Zant made it clear that she would test the open market to see what she was worth after fighting out her contact. After her loss at UFC 251, Dana White encouraged Van Zant to do so.

PVZ’s UFC History

PVZ has established herself as more than just a UFC fighter. She has grown into a multi-facet star, appearing on Dancing With The Stars, and getting her own Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. This, joined with a budding career as an Instagram model, leaves her with several opportunities outside of fighting. Which simply can not be said for many other fighters on the roster.

Unfortunately for Paige, she’s 2-5 in her last few outings with the UFC. And, while Van Zant is extremely successful outside of the octagon, she experienced issues getting the pay raise she believed that she deserved.

Paige Van Zant Heads to Bare Knuckle FC

News of the deal was reported by Ariel Helwani of ESPN. Furthermore, it was reported that the deal was for multiple fights. Although at this time, details are not known.

Paige VanZant has signed a new multi-fight, exclusive contract with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, according to sources. More on the deal shortly,” wrote Ariel.

Potential Financial Incentives

Paige has voiced her displeasure with her paycheck from the UFC on multiple occasions. Furthermore, she’s said that she makes more money on Instagram or doing Dancing With The Stars than she does fighting. However much money Bare Knuckle FC is paying her, it must have been enough to entice her to continue fighting.

It’ll be interesting to see the incentives of Paige’s contract if they ever were to surface. Maybe Bare Knuckle promised PVZ a commentator position as well as other perks to make the deal sweeter.


Date: August 13, 2020

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