Patricio Pitbull Slams ‘Bi–h’ Michael Chandler, Plans To Be First Triple Champ In MMA History


There can be basically no denying that Patricio Pitbull is the best fighter in Bellator history. He plans to extend his legacy further, by becoming the first three-weight world champ in the history of the sport.

In his time in Bellator, Pitbull has put together a resume that is just as impressive as some of the UFC’s best. While the knee-jerk reaction is to laugh off his claims of being one of the pound-for-pound best, he has a better case to be made than most.

This culminated in a massive way in 2019, when he beat newly minted UFC contender Michael Chandler to become the first champ-champ in Bellator’s history. He holds both the featherweight and lightweight titles, two of the promotion’s best divisions.

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Patricio Pitbull Wants To Become The Real Triple C

Of course, because it is Bellator, a lot of people dismiss Patricio Pitbull as a legitimately skilled fighter. However he has a plan that will silence all doubters.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Brazilian said that he has some big plans after he is done with Bellator’s featherweight Grand Prix. He is hoping to become the first person in a major MMA promotion to hold three belts at the same time.

“I think (I can make 135). I beat (current bantamweight champion) Juan Archuleta,” Pitbull said.

“He’s good and now he’s the champion. I know he wants to do that fight, it doesn’t matter the division so maybe we can do that… It’s hard cutting weight, but I believe it is about the (mindset).”

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Freire Was Not Impressed With Michael Chandler

As previously stated, Patricio Pitbull won the Bellator lightweight title from Michael Chandler. Since then, Chandler won two straight, including a massive knockout over Dan Hooker in his UFC debut.

While Chandler is now being touted as a title challenger at 155lb in the UFC, Freire was not impressed with what he saw. Although he does still think that Chandler has the potential to become the champ.

“Michael Chandler is a f–king bi–h,” Pitbull said.

“I have his head in my house. I know his potential to get his belt. Now everyone knows Bellator is the A-league.”

Do you think Patricio Pitbull has the potential to become the first triple champ in MMA history?

Date: February 10, 2021

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