Rivals Colby Covington and Ali Abdelaziz Spotted in Photo Together with President Trump


Anytime Colby Covington is about to fight, politics seep deep within the MMA universe. As a well known Donald Trump supporter, Covington does all that he can to garner the attention of the President. President Trump is not only a fan of MMA, but he is also a fan of Covington. When it comes to President Trump, it seems he has the power of bringing MMA fighters together, which was displayed in a rare photo with Covington and Ali Abdelaziz, who can’t stand each other.

Covington has re-energized his career with a persona that at times seems genuine. However, it also seems like Covington is willing to do anything for shock value. On multiple occasions, Colby has expressed his love for the current President and has vowed to bring a UFC title to the White House.

Covington in Photo with Ali Abdelaziz

Recently, President Trump wished Covington well in regards to his upcoming bout against Tyron Woodley. Furthermore, both men were spotted in a recent photo with prominent members of Dominance MMA, a management agency founded by Ali Abdelaziz.

Fans were blown away to see Covington having one arm on Gaethje and the other on trump with Ali in the same photo. In the past, Colby has declared his hatred for Ali and has even accused him of sexually assaulting a UFC employee in the past.

Processing the Image

Additionally, Ali was caught on camera swinging at Colby during an open workout for UFC 235 at the Palms casino. After a bunch of pushing and shoving, Ali attempted to land a punch on Colby.

Fans never thought that they would ever see Covington and Ali in the same picture. And, especially not smiling as if they were siblings. However, crazier things have happened in the whack world of mixed martial arts. And, the craziest is probably yet to come.


Date: September 16, 2020

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