Sean O’Malley Suggests Facing Marlon Vera, Vera Responds


Originally, UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley had his eyes set on facing Cody Garbrandt. But, after UFC President Dana White shut down the idea, Sean has since looked elsewhere. Many fans and MMA media members have been waiting for O’Malley to get a step up in competition. Especially due to his impressive performances during his last two matchups. Now, it looks like “Sugar” Sean O’Malley is set on facing Marlon Vera, which would be the step up that fans have wanted to see.

O’Malley Wants to Face Marlon Vera

At the age of 25, O’Malley is 3-0 so far in his young career. However, with each win, he has shown dramatic improvements at a rapid pace. UFC President Dana White believes that Sean needs a few more fights before facing a ranked opponent in Cody Garbrandt. Who just so happens to be the fighter that O’Malley has been lobbying to face. However, since Dana has denied that opportunity, O’Malley is now looking to face Marlon Vera.

During an episode of Foodtruck Diaries, O’Malley said that he would face “Chito” Vera.

“If I fight ‘Chito’ (Marlon Vera) who’s not ranked, they kicked him off the rankings, it’s like I still have options. He’s good, he’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu,” said Sean.

“I think he beat Song Yadong, so I think he’s on a six-fight winning streak with five finishes. He finishes people in the later rounds. He’s tough, he’s got good cardio, so yeah it’s up to the UFC. You know how it is, you can have two guys say they want to fight and they don’t fight. That’s just how it is. So that’s an option in August, so that’s what’s probably next but I don’t know if he has any injuries or anything.”

Vera Responds

After the interview, Vera responded to the interview via social media. He vowed to make short work of the surging O’Malley.

Making the Fight

Now that O’Malley and Vera are starting to build buzz for the fight, it’ll be interesting to see what the UFC does. If promoted well enough, the matchup could certainly headline a UFC Fight Night card.


Date: June 25, 2020

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