(Video) Mark Hunt Throws Haymaker Punch at Paul Gallen During Boxing Weigh-Ins


Mark Hunt has not fought professionally since losing to Justin Willis in 2018. Although Hunt is mostly known for his illustrious MMA and kickboxing career, he also competed in the world of boxing. Now, Hunt will make his return to boxing against Paul Gallen in two days. Leading up to the bout, Hunt threw some punches towards Gallen during their weigh-ins for the anticipated bout.

Hunt’s professional boxing record isn’t as acclaimed as his kickboxing or MMA career. In fact, out of his two professional boxing matches, he has 1 draw and 1 loss. Now, Hunt will take on Paul Gallen in a fight that MMA fans are excited about.

Gallen is a former rugby star who turned to the sport of professional boxing. With a record of 9-1, Gallen has 5 KOs as well. Both men are Australian legends who are well respected by their peers and native Aussies.

Mark Hunt Throws Punch at Paul Gallen

However, things became tense during their weigh-ins.

Hunt was visibly angry during the weigh-ins. During the standoff, he charged and threw a giant looping hook towards the direction of Gallen and his team. According to reports, Hunt threw the punch because he didn’t like some of the trash talks he heard from Gallen.

Despite the turn to boxing, Hunt still hopes to pursue more MMA fights. However, the money for the fight against Gallen was too good to turn down. He spoke with Submission Radio about taking the fight.

Returning to MMA

“I’m a fighter at heart,” sad Hunt.

“I wanted to finish my career happy instead of being so bitter at fighting and fighting in general. Especially how they run things. I mean, yeah it was a good offer [to fight Paul Gallen]. Things have worked out well, we made a good deal. And it will be one of the biggest events in fighting on this card here in my home town, which I think is awesome. So, what better way than to finish it off with a couple of boxing fights and then move on, I think. I want to have six more fights, to be honest, and finish my career happy.”

After Hunt is done with boxing, which MMA organization would the fans like to see him join? Furthermore, which opponent would best suit him in his return?


Date: December 15, 2020

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