(Video) Mike Tyson Doesn’t See Floyd Mayweather Jr As Boxings GOAT


Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson doesn’t believe that Floyd Mayweather Jr is the great boxer of all-time. Tyson settled the GOAT debate in one of the latest editions of his Hot Boxin’ podcast.

Tyson on Mayweather GOAT Status

For Tyson, the GOAT criteria can easily be settled by looking at the boxers with the greatest professional records. Although Mayweather finished with an unblemished record of 50-0, Tyson believes that longevity factors into the equation. So, fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson (173-19-6) and Julio Cesar Chavez (107-6-2) get the nod for Tyson before speaking of “Money May.”

“Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, but he had 50 fights,” said Tyson.

“Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had 47 fights, he lost one, and he had a 78-fight winning streak. With, like, 60 knockouts.”

“Don’t tell me about you’re the greatest fighter with 50-0. He’s a great fighter no doubt about it, but 50-0?

“Chavez had 90 (fights unbeaten), he was fighting like eight times a year against whoever fought him, against whoever was in the rankings.”

Mayweather States His Claims

Of course, each individual in the boxing community has their own criteria for defining who is the GOAT. Last summer, Mayweather spoke during a press tour in the UK. During those conversations, he explained exactly why he believes he is boxing’s greatest fighter of all time.

“When we talk about these champions, legendary fighters, we talk about how they have 100 and something fights, 100 and something victories.

“But when you look at the history books, I still beat more world champions than any fighter in history.

“I respect these fighters because these fighters are the fighters that paved the way for me to be where I’m at, but there’s no fighter in boxing that accomplished what I accomplished at all. You can go back as far as you want to go back.”

Should fans view a fighter’s GOAT status by longevity? Or, what a fighter accomplishes during their reign?

Date: January 13, 2021

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