(Video) PRIDE Alum Zuluzinho Thinks He Won Fight At Buzzer, Goes On To Lose Decision


Mixed martial arts continues to showcase how crazy a sport it is.

Just look at the AMC Fight Nights event that took place Tuesday at the WOW Arena in Sochi, Russia. Competing at the event was PRIDE alumni Zuluzinho as he took on Russian fighter Yusup Shuaev.

The 42-year-old — who faced the likes of Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the past — competed at almost 400 pounds against the smaller heavyweight in Shuaev.

And as expected, it was a drab first round until the closing moments as Zulzinho managed to drop Shuaev right at the buzzer.

The referee stepped in to separate them as the round had ended but the Brazilian thought he had won, much like Anderson Silva did against Michael Bisping back in 2016.

This was the result:

Zuluzinho Goes On To Lose

That didn’t deter Zuluzinho who continued to have fun during the fight with dance moves and even ate a head kick that he virtually called for.

However, there was little action overall as Shuaev went on to win the majority decision after riding his bicycle for much of the fight.

It snapped a three-fight winning streak for Zuluzinho in the process who looked ready to compete soon again.

He now holds a 12-10 record in mixed martial arts.

Date: February 23, 2021

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