(Video) Sean O’Malley Shows Fans Why his KO Was Better than Cody Garbrandt’s


Once again, welcome the Sugar Show. “Suga” Sean O’Malley has become a household name in the sport of mixed martial arts. From the very moment he appeared on UFC programming, fans of the sport knew that O’Malley had “it.” With time, comes comfort and the ability to show off personality. So now that Sean has had a few fights in the UFC, he’s finally beginning to showcase his confidence outside of the cage as well as inside. O’Malley and Cody Garbrandt had fantastic knockouts at UFC 250. But, O’Malley believes his knockout was much better than Cody’s. He took to social media in a view to explain why.

Sean O’Malley Demonstrates Techniques of Himself and Cody Garbrandt

Initially, there appeared to be no beef between Sean and Cody. But, after both fighter’s exciting knockouts at UFC 250, fans promptly voiced wanting to see a fight between O’Malley and Garbrandt. After both men took shots at each other for their respective knockouts, the idea that they might fight is slowly becoming a reality. And to build the anticipation, O’Malley released a video on social media explaining why his knockout was better.

“I don’t know. There’s levels to striking,” said a sarcastic O’Malley. “

When you got power in your hands, you can just bend down and just throw something, and if it lands you’ll probably knock someone out. I choose pure, clean, technique, and speed. But they’re both cool.”

Making Garbrandt vs O’Malley

At this exact moment, Cody hasn’t responded to the video. But, fans are hoping that the fight actually happens. For Sean, it would be a chance to face elite competition within the division. Which, is something that naysayers of O’Malley’s abilities have critiqued.

For Garbrandt, it would be a chance to stop a hype train. Furthermore, it would prove the evolution of “No Love”, and that the division has yet to pass him by.


Date: June 12, 2020

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