Yoel Romero Reportedly Out of Fight Against Uriah Hall


We hate to break it to fight fans, but the trend of fights falling through keeps continuing. First, it was reported that Zabit vs Yair Rodriguez was off due to an ankle injury. This forced Zabit out of the competition completely and furthermore caused him to return back to Russia. Now, the anticipated matchup between Yoel Romero vs Uriah Hall is off due to reasons unknown.

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Yoel Romero Out vs Uriah Hall

Fans of Yoel Romero were thrilled to know that the “Soldier of God” is still a long way from retirement. Instead, news broke that Yoel would be facing Uriah Hall in a Middleweight clash this summer. The timetable for the matchup was slated for around August. News of the fight was reported via Ariel Helwani of ESPN on social media.

Having a chance to face Romero is exactly what Uriah Hall has wanted. Hall was originally listed to face Jacare Souza at UFC 249. However, the event was suspended due to the global pandemic. The fight was then rescheduled to take place on a later date. However, one day before, Souza was forced to pull from the fight after testing positive for COVID-19.

However, BJ Penn.com has reported that Romero is out of the fight. As of now, reasons aren’t listed as to why Romero won’t be in the octagon. Usually, when a fighter is pulled from a fight in this climate, it’s due to one of three reasons. Covid-19, injury, or USADA, but we won’t speculate.

Pursuing Other Options

With Romero out, it’ll be interesting to see if Hall will look for another opponent. After a big win over Antonio Carlos Junior in September, Hall made it clear that he would like to stay active. With title aspirations, hopefully, the UFC can find Uriah a formidable replacement.

For now, Middle Easy will keep its readers updated on the status of Yoel Romero. And, why he is out of this fight.


Date: August 12, 2020

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